Göta Källare

Göta Källare

Göta Källare Nightclub at Medborgarplatsen, Söder

Stockholm, Folkungagatan 45
Phone number
08-642 08 28
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Nightclub at Medborgarplatsen, Söder
Göta Källare is a big nightclub with three dance floors on two floors, three bars, five VIP booths and a total of 1200 m2. Located at Söder just by the metro station Medborgarplatsen. OPEN Fri-Sat 22:00-03:00


Klubb Göta

Göta Källare

Friday Club that raises the tempo for Stockholm night life and once again puts Medborgarplatsen on the map.

Crazy sound, fantastic light and a wonderful atmosphere on 1200 sq.m.

Stereo Nattklubb

Göta Källare

The best Saturday Club! Dance your shoes off on our 3 dance floors every Saturday.


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