Clarion Hotel Post

Clarion Hotel Post

Clarion Hotel Post Ex Postoffice by

Göteborg, Drottningtorget 10
Phone number
031 61 90 00
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Ex Postoffice by Drottningtorget
The historic post office building at Queen Square in Gothenburg has been transformed into a hotel and it's certainly not just another hotel. Also in Clarion's premium range, this is a real gem. It now adorns the Queen Square is both a large, modern and first-class business, conference and leisure h


Norda Bar & Grill

Restaurant in Clarion Hotel Post

Three representatives of the modern, creative Gothenburg are working together on the project.

Food & Beverage by Marcus Samuelsson
Marcus Samuelsson, the star chef who originally hails from Gothenburg, is in charge of the bar and restaurant concept. Magnus Månsson, from the interna..


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