Gothenburg City Museum

Gothenburg City Museum

Gothenburg City Museum Everything about the city's

Everything about the city's past and present
City Museum is great. It covers a whole block in the western North City, a neighborhood that contains many exciting things. GOTHENBURG AND WEST SWEDEN HISTORY In the museum are many exhibitions, both permanent depicting Gothenburg and West Sweden's history and temporary on various current topics. FA


The founding of the city

1700s Gothenburg

Exhibition at the City Museum of Gothenburg

Welcome to the 1700s Gothenburg! In this exhibition, you can get to know the city and society during the 1700s. The exhibition shows you four different themes: Gothenburg, Information, Society and the Bar City of Gothenburg. During the 1700s Gothenburg teeming with life and movement. New ideas, infl..

Children's museum

Göteborg City Museum's children's room

Listen to a story among the cushions on the fairy wind, tinkering with Mekano in mekar shop or a play for mom and dad in puppet theater. Feel like a giant in the little mini-town with cobbled streets, with houses and canals in the mini size. Take a peek inside the houses and see who lives there..

Hem i Haga

Guided tour with the Gothenburg City Museum

Home in Haga .
Experience historic living.

Welcome to the historic Haga in the middle of Gothenburg. This museum has three well-preserved museum houses showing how everyday life could appear in Gothenburg's first suburb during the 1800 and 1900s.

The apartments belong..


Viking Exhibition at City Museum

From Viking Age to the founding of Gothenburg in 1621 was one of the main roads to and from Sweden via the Gota River. The Christian doctrine side by side with goods from Europe. Lödöse commercial city, the predecessor of Gothenburg, was up the river a few mil. Later came after several other townsca..

Musiklivet Göteborg 1955−2018

What man has left the tracks in the landscape and cultural history during the approximately 12 000 years that she has been in the western Swedish environment? With points of departure from the excavations that the museum's archaeologists have displayed many items that humans have left behind, i..

19th century

Gothenburg City Museum

Lilla Änggården

Dramatised tours of the House

During the summer you can go on a dramatized tour of the farmhouse at Little Änggården.

Here you will meet characters that pharmacists Gren half brother Olof Grén or his daughter Betty, and perhaps one of the siblings Grén Broberg, Carl, Sven or Emmy, home day you will.


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