Kulturhuset Kåken

Kulturhuset Kåken

Kulturhuset Kåken Örgryte-Härlanda's livingroom

Göteborg, Kålltorpsgatan 2
Phone number
031-365 50 60
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Örgryte-Härlanda's livingroom
Welcome to Örgryte-Härlanda public living room - Kulturhuset Kåken Here we want, together with you, to create an attractive, pleasant and vibrant meeting place for curiosity and desire. Within the arts center you will find Gothenburg's third largest library and an open preschool. Culture jaw has


Open preschool

Shack at Olskroken

Open Mondays Preschool Time. 10-11.30 - Baby Group 0-1 years Kl. 12-15 - 0-6 pm Tuesdays. 8.30-11 - 0-6 pm. 11:30 to 13:30 - Baby Group 0-1 years Wednesdays. 9-15 - 0-6 pm Thursdays. 9-15 - 0-6 years Take tram 1 or ..

Härlanda Örgryte Library

Litterature in Kulturhuset Kåken

In Kåken you can find Härlanda / Örgryte Library, Gothenburg's third largest. There are many computers, the opportunity to use your own computer and copying.

Pay a visit - you can get tips on books and other media that can provide experiences, inspiration and knowledge about prett..

Learn Swedish

Kåkens café at Härlanda Library

Language Café in Swedish

Together we practice speaking Swedish. We meet at Kåkens café, drink coffee and talk with each other in easy Swedish. Free and no advance notice. In cooperation with the Red Cross.


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