Vasastan Restaurant and nightclub in ... Vasastan!

Göteborg, Viktoriagatan 2A
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Restaurant and nightclub in ... Vasastan!
In the beautiful and cozy Vasastan the restaurant of the same name. With one of the city's most complete After Work invite buffet on Fridays. In addition, we offer good food at prices to suit all budgets without in any way affect the quality of the food or the friendliness of the staff. Price exampl


After Work

Fridays at Vasastan after 17

Every Friday After Work On Fridays, we invite all guests to the buffet after at. 17:00. The wide selection of food on the buffet makes Vasastan to one of the most coveted After Work buffets throughout Gothenburg. Combine this with a very strong from Spendrups as always with us costs just 29 dollars,..


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