Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum Cultural history and sea creatures

Cultural history and sea creatures for Rise mountain square
A unique combination of cultural history & Aquarium! MARITIME MUSEUM Maritime Museum tells the story of life under, above and at the surface of the water. This includes objects from the Swedish America Line, Seaman's memories of life on board and stories from the port city of Gothenburg. The AQUA



Gothenburg Maritime Museum

Seaman's life is often in a romantic glow, but in reality, it was a hard life. Much of the free time went to sleep and rest, but also to the Board and card games and the occasional Seaman's view.

An exhibition on leisure on board during the time of sail.

Open Tuesday..


Playroom at the Maritime Museum

Huey gatt is an exciting play room for the smaller. Here, children can play, climb, know, Scout, crawl into the ship's wreckage or busa with sjömonstret.

Recommended age: from 3 years.

Sea of memories

Gothenburg Maritime Museum Aquarium

The Museum's largest room, Memorial Hall, has become an undulating sea of memories and stories. Figureheads and ship models all have a story, a memory to speak of. Pause for a moment, enjoy the room and let your thoughts float away.

OPENING HOURS Tuesday-Sunday 10 a.m.-17 Wed..

City along the water


Sjöfartsmuseet's new historical exhibition moves from the global port system to the local quayside. In the exhibition's four-part meets the visitor stories from the port city.

The port city's river port cities form a network linking the world. Flows of people, goods and..

400 years of Swedish shipping


About 1600 - and 1700 numbers thrilling stories of the seas: the colony of New Sweden on the Delaware River, the slave trade, the East India Company, the ships, sailors. And not least about Lasse in the street, Sweden's most famous privateers.

The fight between sail and steam

TS / Supertuben


An interactive exhibition for older children and young people where they can discover and explore the sea and shipping. You can create your own sea creatures in our new game, load the containers on ships, climb the rigging and watch movies.

The trip starts below the surface. With the help ..

Touch the Sea

Saturdays at The Maritime Museum

Saturdays at the Aquarium at 12:00 CLAP SEA Why wear some crabs out? Starfish have eyes? The aquarium's pat tank we take a look at some of the most common animals in our waters. The display can be given in both Swedish and English. Coalition inside the aquarium. REGULAR HOURS Tuesday to Sunday ..


Sights & Viewpoints Sjömanstornet
Sculpture at the Maritime Museum


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