Tranquilo Sydamerikansk mat och rytm vid

Göteborg, Kungstorget 14
Phone number
031 13 45 55
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The idea behind Tranquilo is to offer something for the Swedes, witch we at best, only get to experience on our overseas holidays - to end up at a local restaurant somewhere in South America. Where families meet often, children are as welcome as adults, the elderly are as respected as young. A warm


After work

Fri-Sat at Tranquilo

Here at sydamerikanskinfluerade Tranquilo, enjoy After work on Fridays between 11.30-20.00 and - for those who work weekends - Saturdays aged 12-17! When the cost of beer, wine or cider only 42 crowns. No food at special prices, but of course the usual price!


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