Babel Food & Drink

Babel Food & Drink

Babel Food & Drink Manhattan meets Möllan

Malmö, Spångatan 38
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040 - 57 98 96
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Manhattan meets Möllan
In September 2008, the gates opened up to Malmö's party church and on the inside waited a newly renovated dance mecca which subsequently changed its name from Jericho to Babel (Babylon). This is a fantastic and unique room that also has food and drink! Babel has a fantastic chef who takes the suc



Ex-church goes nightclub

In September 2008, the newly renovated church turned into a dance mecca called Babel. The team behind Babel has the vision to continue to book concerts and club nights with quality where the program includes both local and international standards such as Nils Krogh, Veronica Maggio, Emil Jensen, Gur..


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