Bryggeriet skatepark

Bryggeriet skatepark

Photo: Nils Svensson

Malmö, Ystadvägen 46
Phone number
040-92 65 85
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Skateboarding indoors.
We are open seven days a week, with a special skate time for beginners, girls, Old Bastards (30 +) and other member groups. Film screenings and exhibitions. Additional opening hours during school holidays. Competitions at all levels. Café with a skate shop and pinball machines, brewery's high scho


No events the next two weeks, but the organizer has permanent events.


Challenge & Adventure Stapelbäddsparken
Skateboard & climbing - open all year
Challenge & Adventure Oxie Skatepark
Concrete ramps of varying severity
Challenge & Adventure Sibbarb Skatepark
Skateboard Ramps in concrete


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