Malmo Konsthall

Malmo Konsthall

Malmo Konsthall Room for Contemporary Art

Malmö, S:t Johannesgatan 7
Phone number
040-34 12 86
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Room for Contemporary Art
Malmo Konsthall, which opened in 1975, has one of the largest spaces for contemporary art. Klas Anshelm architect has created an exhibition space with great flexibility, a generous space and fantastic lighting. ''A large, low concrete box open on the park and the sky light'', described himself Anshe



Lunch in Malmö Konsthall

SMAK follows the seasons and buys into the raw materials. The key to how they then manages and refines its characteristics are balance; Balance in terms of taste, texture and presentation.

Taste: Lunch is served every day and costs between € 85-135 kr.

Open daily 11.00-1..


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