Sol & Sand

Sol & Sand

Sol & Sand Bed and Breakfast in Kungälv

Ytterby, Hollandsgatan 5
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Bed and Breakfast in Kungälv
Welcome to Bed & Breakfast with a family-like character, centrally located in Ytterby. In winter, we have artificially wholesome sunlight and offices, in the summer of simple but clean bed & breakfast rooms. We are open bed and breakfast for a small number of guests even off-season 1/9-31/5. The a


Massage with sunlight and heat

Sol & Sand in Ytterby

Sunlight and heat will make your massage special! Sit in the sunlight first, warm up, then enjoy more of the massage!

Sunlight for body and soul

Sol & Sand in Ytterby

Be happier, more energetic and healthier!

Treat yourself to a one-hour vacation! Travel to sunlight and summer heat of the ytterbium! Here you can put your feet in the sun-warmed sand or enjoy a massage of your sun heated body. Tip A popular birthday gift. Do any of the staff or ..


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