Djuret Restaurant that serves one animal at a time

Stockholm, Lilla Nygatan 5
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08 - 506 400 84
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Restaurant that serves one animal at a time.
What is Djuret (the animal)? Well, as you can imagine by the name so we serve only one animal at a time. We believe that this is the most sustainable way to work with the slaughtered animal, both from an ecological perspective and of respect towards the animal in question. The entire menu is compo



Garden barbeque in Gamla Stan

In the summertime we light up the charcoal grill on our summer restaurant Svinet in our courtyard. Svinet means the pig in Swedish and this garden barbeque restaurant is all about pig and nothing else. The menu is based upon a number of pig meat paragraphs that are double cut, baked Sous Vide with s..


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