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Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum Worldculture at Djurgården

Stockholm, Djurgårdsbrunnsgatan 34
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Worldculture at Djurgården
Ethnography want through exciting programs, permanent and temporary exhibitions, open windows to different living conditions and cultures from around the world. The museum wants to give perspective on what it is to be human in our changing world. The exhibition displays objects from around the world


Benin City

Ethnographic Museum

In 1897, the Englishman took the city of Benin in eastern Nigeria, deposed the King and emptied it of its art treasures. Over 2,000 works of art was shipped to England, where some were sold at auction to cover the war the company against Benin. When the bronzes went to Europe was the krigstrof&eacut..

Bringing the World Home

Ethnographic Museum

A piece of Swedish history

How was the world brought to Sweden? Ideas about the world "out there" have layered in our minds over the centuries. The exhibition Bringing the World Home tells about Swedish travellers and explorers and what they brought along in their knapsacks. As sh..



Pure raw materials and närodlade products in a beautiful clash between Swedish traditions and all the world's food. A warm welcome to MatMekka on the ethnographic museum!

Matmekka is appointed to this year's Sustainable Restaurant: "on the Matmekka turning Swedish raw materia..


Museum of Ethnography

The exhibition shows samurai armor, sharp swords, masks, stylized, sumptuous fabrics from no-theater, the Ainu, the people's costumes and objects associated with the museum's Japanese tea house.

The exhibition reflects the traditional Japan from the 1600s to the late 1800�..

Indigenous people in 3 climate

Ethnographic Museum

Today's people all over the world are painstakingly negotiations on emissions and the use of nature's resources. The ongoing climate change affects not just nature. The offsets the power relationships and change the terms for how and where we can live in the future. With the exhibition, th..

The Treasury

The Treasury

It is easy to get lost among the fnöskpungar, apsaxar and poison arrows. There are 6,000 things from all over the world. By opening the magazine we provide a glimpse at the door of the diversity and variety of magic-a treasure trove for the curious. Thousands of items, stories from the past and..

The dance mask's story

Etnografiska museet

Missionary Exposition in 1907

Ethnographic Museum

How was the Congo in Stockholm for a hundred years ago? The ethnographic missionary exhibition opened in the Academy Theatre at Drottninggatan 15 May 1907. The press reported about the ghastly tingestar, strange gods and impractical.

The exhibition attempts to reconstruct the parts of the e..

North American Indians

Museum of Ethnography

Since the 17th century the Native Americans have been a part of our Swedish cultural history. The departure point for the exhibition is the museum’s comprehensive artifact and picture collections from Native America.

In the exhibition traditional conceptions are displayed in contrast to new..


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