Grand Hôtel

Grand Hôtel

Grand Hôtel Luxury at Sveavägen

Stockholm, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8
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08 - 679 35 60
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Luxury at Sveavägen
Grand Hotel - a venue with beauty and class Grand Hotel has since its inauguration in 1874 been the obvious choice for domestic as well as to visiting cosmopolitans. With our beautiful location, opposite the Royal Palace in Stockholm's stream, our elegant décor and exquisite cuisine the Grand Hôte



Grand Hôtel

In Cadierbaren everyone feel at home, locals as hotel guests. The grand bar accommodates after-work-groups, informal meetings and festive evenings of bubbling champagne, exciting cocktails. Put our bartenders to the test, they are some of Swedens best. If you get hungry, check out the bar ..


Grand Hôtel

100 years ago built the first summer porches here at the hotel. Since then, the porch has been a natural meeting place for both Locals and visiting tourists. After a thorough renovation, we are now open as usual again. Came here on a sumptuous breakfast, lunch or dinner overlooking the water and the..

Mathias Dahlgren

Grand Hôtel

Mathias Dahlgren-two experiences, a philosophy, a visit with us will be a gastronomic experience for those who are interested in exclusive simplicity in a comfortable environment with friendly atmosphere. A restaurant visit.

My philosophy: With a Swedish identity, on a regional platfor..

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea Mon-Sun: 14.00-17.00 table reservation is recommended.
Pre-order love Afternoon Tea if you have specific allergies.


Cadierbaren at Grand Hôtel

Brunch in Cadierbaren Welcome into a long and delicious brunch! This will be yesterday evening to sweet memories, while the body is brought to life by a brunch menu or à la carte brunch. A day that starts with Blinis with Kalixlöjrom, the EGCC Bénédict or Phrase waffles has all precond..


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