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Stockholm, Drottninggatan 45T
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All culture under one roof
We can almost promise you that no matter who you are, where you come from, if you're old or young - Kulturhuset have something for you. The children have their own library and workshoproom for, young people have their meetingplace at Lava. In the Reading room with for instance Serieteket you will fi


P5 STHLM Sänder

Bibliotek Plattan

Bibliotek Plattan

Here you will find a personal selection of funny, poignant, contemporary, oborstade, thrilling and easy-to-read books. You can borrow, for example tales and cultic books, poetry and life stories, and books on art, photography, architecture, fashion and design.

We want the rabble t..


Café, exhibitions and environmental issues

Ekoteket is your community on environmental issues with cafe, exhibitions and things to do and listen to. The venue has an exciting and eco-friendly content. You can take part of the debates, exhibitions, seminars, tastings and sample the activities around themes such as food, energy, design an..




Library Movies & Music


Here you can borrow music and movies, playing electric piano, see the slideshow on the wall, listening to our records and movie tips and see concerts in the middle of the library. In our armchairs, you can read music magazines, watch movies and listen to music.

Here you will fi..


Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

At level five in Kulturhuset you will find Café Panorama with a spectacular view over the city. Take a bite to eat or enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. Lunch at 11:00 to 15:00, then varied evening menu between 15:00 to 19:00

Room for Kids


On the fourth floor of Kulturhuset at Sergels Torg you will find Room for Children. Here you can read and borrow books, paint, listen to a story or sing a song.

Rooms for Children 4th floor

Tue-Sun: 11-17


View and coffee

Here at Sergel Square is Stockholm's gem in terms of culture, views, exchange of ideas and opportunities for socializing with friends! You look over Hötorget buildings, out towards the Royal Towers and the shopping streets in the city - all while enjoying good food and drinks! Best solstäl..

Tio Tretton

Library at Kulturhuset for kids 10-13 years

Library for all senses. Here are your thoughts in power and your imagination is our law. Here you can create a music video, find yourself in nanotechnology, animate a potato gratin, and film your homework or why not knit a computer game?


Design and crafts at Kulturhuset

In the lava shop has everything to do with design, crafts and crafts to do, for those of you who are 13-25 years!

Here you will find sewing machines, wearing pressure, pinmaskiner, cutters, pliers, wire smyckespinaler, block devices, and much more that you can use. Was featured in crea..


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