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Nordic Museum

Nordic Museum Our memories, lives and works

Stockholm, Djurgårdsvägen 16
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Our memories, lives and works
Nordic Museum is as much, exhibitions, events, children's activities, libraries, archives, castles & houses. We preserve and tell the memory of the life and work from the 1500s until today. The museum is located in Djurgården, directly on your right when you come over Djurgårdsbron. Regular admissio


Set tables

Nordic Museum

Sweden's oldest exhibition set tables opened in 1955 and is still very popular with museum visitors. Here it is told about food and drink and the customs and practices associated with meals. The exhibition spans five centuries, from the 1500s to around 1950. Set tables is probably the oldest sh..

Textile Gallery

Nordic Museum

In TEXTILE GALLERY to view a selection of the museum's textile objects and can also search the new image database for more information. A new gathering place for all who have the pleasure and the desire to be creative with textiles. Each box is a treasure trove 500 objects from the museum'..

Huvudet på spiken

Nordic Museum

A small exhibition of three display cases containing 29 items, photographs and information on linguistic expressions.

Fashion power

Nordic Museum

Fashion power is great. The clothes we wear signaling group affiliation, marital status, economic and political status, age, and more. The Nordic Museum Exhibition Mode Power welcomes visitors costume characters from three decades, 1780 -, 1860 - and 1960's. There were times when the ..


Exhibition Posters, 1900-1950

Nordic Museum

The Nordic Museum's collections contain hundreds of their own exhibition of posters from the late 1800s until today. The exhibition presents 18 posters in a range from 1900-the first half. The exhibition opened 28/1-11. PRICE Regular admission to the Museum Adults SEK 80, children and..

The museum building

Nordic Museum

The museum building - vision and reality is a small exhibition of models, sketches and photographs that give an insight into some of the plans and ideas that preceded the museum building on Djurgarden. The impressive museum building was created by Arthur Hazelius, founder of the Nordic Museum a..


Nordic Museum

Who is Sami? Who is Swedish? Does it matter? An exhibition about identity, history and future, of rights and injustices, about cultural encounters and cultural clashes, the image of himself and the image of the other. PRICE Regular admission to the Museum Adults SEK 80, children and adolescents up t..


Nordiska museet

Nordiska museet owns the largest single collection of Strindberg's paintings (19 in total). 16 of these are on display, together with photographs taken by Strindberg himself and several of his original manuscripts, including Miss Julie, his best-known play.

Words by Stri..


Nordic Museum

In the Nordic Museum you can explore the story from the 1500s to the present day. The playhouse you travel 100 years back in time. The playhouse is a fantasy world of country life in the 1890s and fits children aged 5-12 years in adult companionship. All items may be used, including those that ..


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