Museum of eastasia

Museum of eastasia

Museum of eastasia Meet Asia

Stockholm, Tyghusplan 4
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Meet Asia
In the East Asian Museum, you will meet China, India and Southeast Asia. The museum has collections equivalents outside Asia. The museum is also working to open new exhibitions on Korea and Japan.


Café Kikusen

Café Kikusen

Kikusen is the East Asian Museum new cafeteria! A simple, cosy café that takes a part of modern Tokyo to Stockholm.

Open: Tuesday 11 am-7: 30 pm Wednesday-Sunday 11 am-4.30 pm Menu: Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino-tea (from the In the Mood for Tea)-home..

Studio Dragon

Studio Dragon

Studio Dragon welcome to Studio Dragon, a family room for creative production and exciting discoveries!

Provides a space for kids and adults together discover Asia in a playful way. Meet our play sculpture, an eleven metre long lucky dragon in Golden colors. Play memory over an entire wall,..


Östasiatiska museet

KOREA - New permanent exhibition opens February 12

Now open Östasiatiska musseet's new permanent gallery of Korea. It will display items in a unique room, created by Korean designer Hwang Doojin.

It is a modern and fastidious interior where paper covered windows give a fe..

The Middle Kingdom

Östasiatiska museet

The Middle Kingdom-imperial China

The Middle Kingdom presents 3500 years of Chinese culture history by about 1000 items.

The large, design-wise spectacular China venture extends through nearly the entire 200-meter museum building. The exhibition gives a fascinating b..

De kyliga tidernas tre vänner

China prior to China

The East Asian Museum

People have lived in East Asia for thousands of years, long before the written history and Empire of China. The exhibition China ahead of China talks about how people lived and created in East Asia for thousands of years before the Empire of China Empire came into being.

The East Asian Muse..

The girl and the crane

The girl and the crane

The girl & tranan Discover Japan on your own! Join the girl Otsuru and her magical crane on an exciting journey through the Museum's exhibition, Japan look small origamitranor and answering tricky questions.

In the leaflet "the girl and the crane" Otsuru tells about life ..

China's history of Books

The East Asian Museum

In connection to the library, one of the most important in Europe for Asian literature, shows China's financial history. Follow the magazine's history, from the bronze age inscriptions on Oracle bones to the printed paper rolls from the 10th century.

OPEN Tuesdays 11-20 Wedne..

Children's stone age village

Östasiatiska museet

Children's stenåldersby Who lived in China before China existed? Discover our new stenåldersby in miniature in the exhibition China prior to China.

Here you can explore on your own, how people lived 5000 years ago. You get the feel of a real stone age axe, stick your hand down in a min..


Östasiatiska museet

Japanese woodblock prints with winter motives

Shown from 20 December.

Woodcut Pictures from the collections. See evocative landscapes in winter attire by Hasui Kawase (1883-1957), samurai fighters in the snowfields by Gountei Sadahide (1807-1873) and t..


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