Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum Maritime history

Stockholm, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 24
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08-519 549 00
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Maritime history
Museum in the beautiful building that addresses all of shipping and the history that has been with maritime themes to do. Free admission on Mondays, Tuesday-Sunday: 50. Students and seniors: £ 40. Children and young people up to 18 years - free . HOURS Daily, 10-17


Shipping & Shopping

Maritime Museum

Your way of life is not possible without trade. Trade is not possible without security. Commercial Maritime history is a story about you and your world.

Our new major exhibition, Shipping & Shopping is one of the museum's largest exhibition efforts since the opening 1938th

Klart skepp!

Sjöhistoriska museet

During World War II submarine wolf went on a German mine. The disaster killed 33 men. See the authentic wreckage of the exhibition cloudy ship!.

Models, uniforms and weapons
In the exhibition Klart skepp! you will find much that is the essence of National Maritime Museum - includ..

Bistro Östberg

Bistro Östberg


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