Stockholms stadsmuseum

Stockholms stadsmuseum

Stockholms stadsmuseum Museum of Stockholm

Stockholm, Ryssgården
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Museum of Stockholm
Learn all about the city of Stockholm! Here you will find everything from cultural history to future discussions. The museum is located just to the left as seen from Slussen subway. There is free admission to the Museum! OPEN Tuesday-Sunday 11-17 Thursday 11-20 Monday closed TORGET - a chi


Slussen under ytan

Four spots in Sthlm

Stockholms stadsmuseum

Four rooms on four sites in central Stockholm, Slussen, Östermalmstorg, Royal Garden and Sergel Square. Four sites, where many important Stockholm Events played out and are still almost always appropriate in one way or another.

A strategic location. When digging for the current ..

Kvarteret Svalan

Stockholms stadsmuseum

A neighborhood in 1600s Stockholm

March 9, 2012 and until further notice

Quarter Swallow is located in central Stockholm, close to
T-center. 1991 was a major archaeological investigation, then all the old houses had been demolished to make way for a new office building. Th..

Suburban life

Stockholms stadsmuseum

Is there a typical suburban? Or something that is typical of the suburbs? Two out of three 08: or now live outside duties. Here, more than anywhere else, mixed people from all over the world and this will fit a lot of totally different lives and environments. The exhibition suburbia tells of the gra..



SQUARE-a children's Photo: Alexander Mahmoud At city square teeming with life at its best. Here are the kids and adults invited to play in the Baltic herring stall, take a fishing trip with the boat, sort fruits and vegetables and låtsaslaga food in the Castle kitchen. Or take it easy on t..


Exhibition of the capital - Stockholm City Museum

Stockholm Exhibition.
Based on a true story.

Here is an overview of the city developments from the very first sign of life to children's thoughts today about the future. It's all about houses and streets, parks and water. But also of course about the multitude of people who ..


Sweden Solar System outside the City Museum

Mercury at the Stockholm City Museum's courtyard is part of the Sweden Solar System - the world's largest solar system model in which the Globe Arena in Stockholm represents the sun. The scale is the 1:20 million, and Mercury will be 25 inches in diameter at a distance of 2.9 km from ..

Stockholm Water

Stockholm City Museum

Where does the water come from?
What do we do with it?
Where does it go?

Every day Stockholm Water produces drinking water to over a million locals and take care of the reindeer and the use of wastewater. Do you know how drinking water comes to your crane or where the water goes ..

Cafe Ryssgården

Refreshments at the Stockholm City Museum

At Cafe Ryssgården you can choose between eating lunch or just relax with a cup of coffee. We serve homemade dishes, soups and wonderful hearty sandwiches. You can also take a glass of beer or wine with your meal. Are you hungry for something simpler there is coffee, tea and chocolate with whipped c..

About Houses

Architecture at the City Museum

Architecture building in the town of Riva & or save? Original or fake? Environmental concerns and modern requirements of convenience! There is much to consider when faced with renovation and not always easy to choose road. And it's that familiar details that make the whole. Then there is th..


The Stockholm City Museum

The two have housing, we show how families could live in Stockholm in the late 19th century. The rooms are part of the Museum's previous show People around a workshop.

The family Laing homes of three baby Lahri live mother Anna family, Dad's shoulder, their three children and two ..

Millennium Walk

In Stieg Larsson's tracks with Sthlm City Museum

The Millennium Walk with the Stockholm City Museum!

Nearly 46 million books have been sold worldwide! They have been translated into 44 languages. Stieg Larsson's Millennietrilogy is famous all over the world.

Walk in Lisbeth Salander's and Mikael Blomkvist's foots..


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