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PRINCE RAMA Gårdaskolan


Onsdag 17/11 på Gårdaskolan

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PRINCE RAMA (US, Paw Tracks)

Fabriksgatan 32
kl 19.00
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PRINCE RAMA (US, Paw Tracks)
Spawned from the vernal heat of the Florida swamps amidst swirling patterns of pine orchards and pre-Columbian artifacts, Prince Rama was whispered into the ears of Taraka Larson, Nimai Larson, and Michael Collins in the summer of 2007 by the clanging of prayer bells and goat-skin drums. They left the Hare Krishna farm where they were staying to go to art school and form a creative nucleus in Boston. There, their eng...aging and often unpredictable ritualistic live shows attracted a rapid cult following, replete with collective chants, werewolf summonings, Sanskrit invocations, and the distribution of various handmade percussion to members of the audience.

The group’s debut collection, Threshold Dances, appeared in 2008 on the British-based Cosmos label. Zetland arrived in 2009, followed in 2010 by Shadow Temple, which was co-produced by Animal Collective’s Deakin, Avey Tare and Rusty Santos) and was released via AC's label Paw Tracks.

"operatic vocal stylings of Diamanda Galas or Zola Jesus ... dark dance-pop of Cold Cave... a throbbing club undercurrent like something out of a Crystal Castles track....they've just internalized the spaciness of psychedelic godheads like Amon Düül and Tangerine Dream so much that it just rolls out of them....
- Pitchfork Media


"James Ausfahrt is the soloproject of Åke Strömer (Love is all, Still flyin, formerly of Hemstad etc.) James has been recording songs for a couple of years now and he has built up a reputation of a crazy sexy cool lo-fi artist on the west coast of Sweden. Any of you that have been lucky enough to hear him knows his music is addictive, trashy and beautiful. James believes in the "one take theory" and has recorded more than 100 songs of disco, pop, rock and roll, old school electronica and new wave all in the lo-fi mentality. He's recording at home by himself with guitar, keyboard, bass and a drum machine, some of them are homebuilt. James is also heck of a driver, and hopefully he will take his car and drive to your town for a show, because you haven't seen anything before you..ve seen James Ausfahrt.


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Göteborg, Fabriksgatan 32

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