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Gambletron + Cam Deas


Gambletron + Cam Deas

Gambletron + Cam Deas Koloni på Kokong

Koloni på Kokong

Koloni @ Kokong tisdag 3/9

CAM DEAS (London)

+ dj´s , kortfilm och bar

Amiralitetsgatan 19
(Nära Karljohansskolan i Majorna)
kl 19.00
entré typ 80 kr

Lisa Gamble/Gambletron is a sound artist, musician, and improviser based out of Montréal, she is known for her noise-electronic improvisations, roving radio transmissions, experimental noise karaoke, and for curating performances in unique outdoors locations. She creates loud, glitch, textural soundscapes with a reference to dance music, lo-fi, circuit bent toys, found objects, musical saw, homemade mics, bowed bike wheels, cheap synths and other types of electronics. Gambletron has toured and participated in various festivals and residencies internationally . She can also be found performing and collaborating in numerous projects on Constellation Records such as Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista, Hrsta, Clues, and Matana Robert’s Coin Coin.


CAM DEAS (London)
Cam Deas, born and now based in London, has been exploring a so-called ‘Post-Takoma’ terrain through his 12 string acoustic guitar explorations, working between composition and free-improvisation employing a legion of extended techniques. His last solo full length album, Quadtych, was hailed as 'a major UK guitar statement' by David Keenan (Volcanic Tongue/The Wire) and 'a quantum step forward after a decade of Fahey acolytion' by Keith Fullerton Whitman. For the past 5 years Deas has toured heavily across Europe, performing hundreds of concerts. He has been heard collaborating in the studio and live with the likes of Steffen Basho-Junghans, Ignatz, Chie Mukai, Jack Allett, Sheldon Siegel, C. Joynes, Chuck Johnson and many others.

This tour will see Deas further his sonic exploration of the 12 string acoustic guitar, using it as a sculptural wooden frame to an electronic music. The exploratory acoustic sounds will be processed and manipulated through a series of analogue synthesis patches to create evolving sonic environments, through a structurally composed part-improvisation, manifesting in dense harmonic and resonant textures, uncurbed percussive attacks and swirling rhythmic patterns in an attempt to connect the sound worlds of Takoma-school guitar and electro-acoustic music in a purely live situation.

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Göteborg, Fabriksgatan 36

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