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Touchy Mob & Glenn and Glenn


Touchy Mob  & Glenn and Glenn

Touchy Mob & Glenn and Glenn Koloni på Studio

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Touchy Mob is the plenty-limbed, vulnerable love affair of a hauntingly warm guitar song and the body language of beats, that are meant for a floor. It’s a long-term marriage to the lyrical intensity and comforting darkness of songwriters like Chad VanGaalen, yet with a heavy crush on the riffs of the rave, throwing in found-sound stuff like The Books do, laying a kiss on the kraut history here and there, but in Four Tet marching time. Songs grow on instant glances of admiration instead of continuous influence, scratching along towards punchlines, that can be entirely different in sound yet cohesive in general aesthetic or mood, not a dense mass, but a mass to get lost in

"Repetitive as Ravel's Bolero, tedious as 80's metal, and as thoughtful as the Muppet show, Glenn and Glenn, featuring members of Love is All,
Gabo & The Wartels, and the Aislers Set, have a deep and undying love for the hook, and they wish to share it with you."

Tellavision turns abstract occurrences into sound. Infatuated with colours and spirit, it’s an elusive affair: Lo-fi attitude, movement and depth walk side by side, approaching in one moment, but they might be leaving as soon as you think. The admiration for timelessness that is captured for a brief moment. No present, no fixed state or version. It’s not an arty farty experiment, instead you get something you may believe in.

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Torsdag 10/1
Studio Chanslös
Fabriksgatan 32, (vån 3) i Gårda
hpl Scandinavium
kl 19.00

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Göteborg, Fabriksgatan 36

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