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Liturgy Kulturhamnen 5 sep

Kulturhamnen 5 sep

Koloni presenterar:
Söndag 5/9
Kulturhamnen - Fiskehamnsgatan 46 (nära Chapmans torg)
kl 19 - 24

Liturgys enda spelning i sverige!

Liturgy is a transcendental black metal band from Brooklyn, NY. Liturgy’s music is an ecstatic affirmation of becoming and an assault on the floating malaise of contemporary information-age life. The ebb and flow of their churning, swarming rhythms and melodies both models and fosters the eternal flux.

They draw influence from, and comparison to, products from many ages and disciplines - the solemn 11th century chants of Perotin, the allegorical prophecies of Blake, the apocalyptic vision of Scriabin, the mass-media spirituality of Jodorowsky, the cataclysmic transcendence of Glenn Branca’s post-minimalist collective no-wave drones. But there is nothing eclectic about Liturgy’s music. They dig to the core of black metal to drink from its purest essence, only to create it anew, reinventing it as what it truly is by connecting it to a broader transcendental tradition.

Their debut full-length Renihilation presents a vision of a new American black metal, permanently held to the flame, searing with energy, purged of impurities and form, eternally glowing like a star.

”“Liturgy are the first black metal band that truly embodies the ghosts of New York. They play metal like it’s a minimalist downtown art/life/religion project in the tradition of dronemasters Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham and La Monte Young’s Dream Syndicate. Through their own brand of growling, gnarling, lightning-fast black grind, Liturgy try to find euphoria through dissonance, repetition and volume-turning metal nightmares into something ready for the Dream House.”
- Chris Weingarten, Village Voice


LITURGY (Brooklyn)http://www.myspace.com/liturgynybm

LUST FOR YOUTH (Gbg)http://www.myspace.com/lustforyouth

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