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Gala Drop och Fiktion


Gala Drop och Fiktion
Koloni på Oceanen

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GALA DROP (Lissabon, Portugal)
FIKTION (Göteborg))
+ dj, bar och mat

Torsdag 2a Aug
Kulturhuset Oceanen
Stigbergstorget 8
kl 19.00-01.00

GALA DROP (Lissabon, Portugal)
Gala Drop is a 5 piece who play synthesizers/keyboards, electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion (congas, african drum) and samples; it has been described as a mix of kraut-rock, dub, electronica, african music among other things. They've made several european tours, were invited by Sonic Youth to open for them at the Coliseum in Lisbon, played with Holger Czukay from Can, Gang Gang Dance, Bonnie Prince Billy, Silver Apples and supported Panda Bear (in Nyc, September 2010 at his own invitation) and played several European festivals such as Soy Festival in France, Primavera Club in Spain, Ekko in Norway, Boom Festival in Portugal, among many others.



FIKTION (Göteborg)

Erik Andersson - piano
Patrik Söderman - trummor
Gustaf Lundh - klarinett, dator, gitarr
Britta Carlsson - sång

INFO: Composer and artist Gustaf Erik Lundh has been active since 2006 and this spring released his fourth album - 'Burn That Gloom'. With recruited friends he is now performing it live.

SOUNDS LIKE: dim slow jazz, slavic folklore, twisted organs, tivolidub, post-rock - all in a comfortable obscure suite of electroacoustic storytelling.

THE ALBUM: A tale that has its origins from the dim, yet optimistic hispanic indian festivals - uppermost the burning of ZOZOBRA and Day of the Dead.

"My upcoming album is toothless, an empty-headed facade. It has no guts and doesn’t have a leg to stand on. It is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. It never wins. It moans and groans, rolls its eyes and twists its head. The mouth gapes and chomps. The arms flail about in frustration. Every year we do it in. We string it up and burn it down in a blaze of fireworks. At last, it is gone, taking with it all our troubles for another whole year."


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Göteborg, Stigbergstorget 8

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