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Harry and the potters


Harry and the potters

Harry and the potters Sinnet 6 aug

Sinnet 6 aug

Inte visste vi att det ens fanns en musikgenre som är baserad på Harry Potter böckerna men nu gästas sinnet utav ”Harry and the Potters” som är en av förgrundsgestalterna i denna otroligt charmiga genre som kallas ”Wizard Rock” i USA.

”A bit about Harry and the Potters: We are a band that plays rock songs about the Harry Potter books. It's as much a performance project as it is a functional band. The band is myself and my younger... brother Joe, each performing as Harry, but from different points in time. Imagine if Harry quit the quidditch team and traveled back in time to start a punk band with his younger self and that's the basic idea of what it looks like on stage. We've earned a decent reputation as a live band and we try to make each night special, unique and triumphant.

While we started our band back in 2002, many other folks have followed our lead and started writing songs about the Harry Potter books. This has resulted in the emergence of a micro-genre, known as Wizard Rock, now boasting over 700 bands! We've toured extensively in the US for the last 6 years, playing over 500 shows, and we've done a couple UK tours as well, but never ventured into northern Europe. Many of our shows have been in more unconventional spots like libraries and bookstores, partially because we are very dedicated to playing ALL AGES shows.”


Helt galet tycker vi och något som passar som handen i handsken här på sinnet! Fredag 6 augusti 19:00 - 23:30, 50 kr i inträde

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