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Maria Due (Nor) + Sea Lion (Swe)

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Maria Due (Nor) + Sea Lion (Swe)

Maria Due (Nor) + Sea Lion (Swe) Sinnet Förfestar

Sinnet Förfestar

Sinnet Förfestar presents the beautiful Maria Due with local favourite Sea Lion.

Due's music juggles french sixties' joy, longing american seventies' folk, Stereolab-inspired electronics and light swedish indiepop of present time, landing as a sincere and personal expression. Growing up in the south of Norway as a simple farm girl, Maria discovered popular music through a random meeting with a boy with a band in the local zoo.

S...he eventually discovered the guitar; new songs came to life and she started gathering her own band - All The Other Birds - with whom she recorded her debut 'Kissing in Public', released in February 2010.

"The smell of a salty lake, the feeling of soft grass between the toes, and the taste of a cooling ice cream cone on a hot tounge."
- Cecilie Asker, Aftenposten


Local songstress Sea Lion has been making a name for herself with her emotional folk/pop styles and startling voice. A favourite of the local scene, we're excited to have her finally hit our stage!


All ages

50 kr

19.30 - 22.30

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50 kr



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Göteborg, Gamla Varvsgatan 1

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