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Luca Frei


Luca Frei

Luca Frei Elastic Gallery

Elastic Gallery

Current exhibition
Luca Frei, FEBRUARI 2/2 - 17/3

This group of paintings is a kind of portal to Luca Frei´s virtual workshop. Inside, architectural and figure drawing lines rise as if they were maquette walls and real architecture: an image is just as much a futuristic plan as a sign or a representation, they seem to say. The viewer is presented with a kind of unspoken instructions to try to follow, leading on towards the sculptural and the scenographic.

Some of the titles have a cinematic origin, like Hemliga styrkor (Secret Forces), words coming from Ingmar Bergman’s drama From the Life of the Marionettes, subtly hinting towards narrativity, timeline and psychology.

Can one thus decode narratives lurking within lines as straightforward as these? Narratives about not very flattering, perhaps even malicious disobedience and masquerade far beyond the structured, pure and sound?

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Elastic Gallery



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Malmö, Monbijougatan 17

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