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Emeralds + Chelsea Wolfe


Emeralds + Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe

Far i Hatten

Free concerts at Far i Hatten! Starting at 21:00 sharp.

Emeralds (US)
Since 2006 the experimental trio Emeralds has been massaging their analog synthesizer creations into the kind of drifty, contemplative compositions that have made them one of cosmic music's most consistently compelling acts.

"There are hints of krautrock, minimalism, and Swedish electro-acoustic composers, but Emeralds weave their swollen tones into a shapeshifting mass that sounds like nothing else. Guitars, warbling oscillators, feedback, and chanted vocals tangle up in an electric, bristling unity. It's an ecstatic, psychedelic sound that's always in motion and impossible to pin down."
- Philip Sherburne, Pitchfork


Live from Unsound Festival 2010:

Chelsea Wolfe (US)

California native Chelsea Wolfe is the art/music/fashion/life shaman of alternative American culture. Recently her name boosted in the art world after pop artist Richard Philips used Wolfe's song "Moses" in his art-film starring Sasha Grey, premiered at Vennice Biennal in June 2011.

"Her music is a raw, dirging doom-folk with hints of black metal, deep blues and minimal synthesizer music, but it’s as prone to triumph as it is despair. Her voice is both haunting and seemingly haunted, though whether by angels or demons is unclear. And her lyrics reflect an obsession not only with life’s murkier moments, but the unlikely truths and beauty they so often reveal. It makes sense then that her influences run from Nick Cave, Vladimir Vysotsky and Selda Bagcan to Ayn Rand and Ingmar Bergman, and even more so that she hails from the wilder, woodsy northern part of her state."
- Chris Martins, Spin/LA Weekly/Aural Standards



DJ Andreas Kurtsson

A collaboration between Full Pull, sing sang and Far i Hatten with support from Stiftelsen framtidens kultur and Kulturrådet.


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Far i Hatten



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Malmö, Norra Parkgatan 1

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