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Peter Wallström 8/5 - 30/5


Peter Wallström 8/5 - 30/5

And by the sea, Peter Wallström

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Peter Wallström

1 Direction is a basic dimension in Peter Wallström's paintings. More precisely, his pictures are seeking direction, direction flowing to and from a distant point, drawing ones focus away into the distance and beyond. Perhaps the artist himself does not realize fully or know the final destination. Viewing a picture by Peter Wallström, one feels one is standing behind the artist and his brush. There is also another dimension - that of another brush,
held by Peter, working beyond the canvas to give another level of consciousness beyond the obvious. This tangible and concrete feeling carries the observer further into and beyond the painting.

In this way the picture carries an inner life which neither we nor the artist can reach.

Nevertheless one is part of it, although behind the artist, who knows more but not all, and is still anxious to find connection and direction.

Yet there can be closure, for part of the secret of any good film, literature or visual art is about cutting at the right place, knowing where the punctuation should be and when the brush should be lifted from the canvas.

Everything else one can decide for oneself: format, colour, motive, distance and ven direction-the final touch, to understand that one does not understand, and let it rest at that!

2 Peter Wallström pursues a narrative art without narrating anything. Or, more
correctly, without hinting, without overloading with symbols, without rounding up, without having thought out the end in advance. In spite of that, he is narrating.

3 Peter works with feelings but is not in any way emotional. He does this by taking a subject which has a certain 'feeling', and working it until he is as satisfied as he can be that it expresses what he wants and feels. As a consequence the finished painting which emerges is often a completely different picture. Thus Peter's paintings are always alive for the artist, and for the viewer, encouraging us to look beyond, to find direction and newness even in the finished work each time we see it!

Per Engström (Editor Pequod magazine)

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