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German Election Aftermath

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German Election Aftermath

German Election Aftermath Föreläsning på UF Malmö

Föreläsning på UF Malmö

Lecture: German Election Aftermath from an EU/International Perspective - Peter Munk Jensen

UF Malmö warmly welcomes Peter Munk Jensen to discuss the aftermath of the recent election in Germany, from an EU/International perspective!

Following the recent Bundestag elections, Germany is confronted with a wide variety of expectations from its European partners and beyond. While Moscow expects Germany to remain Russia's best-Western-friend, Washington wants to see Germany take the responsibility for international order and stability. Meanwhile, the EU looks in Germany's direction to take the lead in handling the economic crisis.

With such expectations Germany is almost doomed to disappoint!

So what is it that we should expect to see?
Is it the European Germany that we're used to, or is it a more German Europe?
Will Germany lead the way in forging out new decision making structures in the EU - and if so, will a German referendum then be necessary?
Will the economic Giant but political dwarf transform?
And will Germany go more on her own or through the External Action Service?

As Angela Merkel and her new Government confronts these questions, she will surely subscribe to the old saying, “We shall live in interesting times"!

Peter Munk Jensen is a Senior Analyst at the Danish Institute for International Studies - DIIS. He has numerous publications, both articles and books on foreign policy.

Free for UF members.
Entrance fee: 20 SEK
Membership can be obtained at the entrance.

As always, there will be time for questions and discussion, and fika will be served!

The coffee, tea and soda served at UF events is FairTrade, and the rest of our fika is ecological. Because politics starts in your coffee cup!

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