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Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School


Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School

Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Le Carnaval Des

Le Carnaval Des Animaux! + Vernissage: Julia Gillard på Högkvarteret

Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Sweden - Le Carnaval Des Animaux!

Is it Alice in Wonderland gone mayhem? Is it the Wizard of Oz on a trip to the zoo? Or Animal Farm with a glitterdress? We don't know either, but we do know that you don't want to miss this...

Dr. Sketchy's Sweden proudly presents, all the way from San Francisco, the amazing, the fabulous, the...blue: Scotty the Blue Bunny!! Joining him on stage is our very own Hootchy Kootchy Mama and unicorn for the evening: Virginia Valentine! We also have our 'favorit i repris', The Mistress of Masks: Emelie Henriksson!

And more surprises to come!

Playing music to accompany this Carnaval des Animaux is our faithful and fabulous DJ Beat Girl!

xx - Sketchy Mistresses Lola & Evy

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Stockholm, Närkesgatan 8

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