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Hush Arbors


Hush Arbors

Hush Arbors Hornstulls Strand

Hornstulls Strand

lör 11 Aug
Hush Arbors

21.00 Hush Arbors
18 år. fri entré.

Keith Wood has a poet’s soul, a drifter’s mentality. Better than most, he understands the similarities between Ted Berrigan and The Byrds. He’s put the hours in playing in Six Organs of Admittance, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Current 93, and Thurston Moore, equally at home in the wilds of improvisation and the vast possibilities of songform. As adept as he is at playing with others, Hush Arbors is all his, and it is what he does best.
His records for Ecstatic Peace!, Hush Arbors and Yankee Reality, demonstrated Keith’s extraordinary capacity to mold songs of haunting beauty and sweetness, also songs you could have fun with (hell, you still can!), songs that made sense around the fireplace or on the open road. And all delivered in that ethereal voice of his, a voice that lives in no other throat, really and truly.
These new songs continue the trajectory, and if anything only intensify the emotional gravitas of his previous work. These songs are like a re-awaking, a groggy hello to a forgotten world. A blissful hangover full of melancholy love and beautiful promise. I’d say the singer of these songs was wiser, if I thought that wisdom was a thing.
Keith Wood presents as a werewolf but he’s more like a lion cub. Vulnerable and sensitive with a dangerous streak. You hear it in his music. Even at its jauntiest, there is pain and longing. It’s in that voice of his and in those fingers. These songs present a snapshot of a homecoming to a home that may or may not exist. It’s the stuff of memories and loss, sorrow and laughter.

Love flicks a cigarette at the back of your head. Love picks up a dead Christmas tree and hits you. Love embraces you and won’t let go. Love rides the rails.

-Matt Krefting
Easthampton, MA

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