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Tidemore Musikvalvet Brinken

Musikvalvet Brinken


After acclaimed concerts in Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway, Tidemore`s first studio album has finally arrived. On ´Not My World´ the brothers Andreas and Matthias Pietsch present moving songs composed with gentle, touching tunes, unique tone, and tangent lyrics.

Where words leave off the music takes over. With sensitive and dynamic arrangements, the two guitarists from Berlin continue performing their fresh and inspiring songs. Rhythmic guitar infused with aching melodies, supports the polyphonic vocals. Moreover the lush combination of haunting vocals, warm timbre, and a remarkable falsetto spectrum makes every concert a unique experience.

With their songs Andreas and Matthias Pietsch recount about the thirsts of life, about being present and breaking down, about being lost and rebellion, about the quest for living in freedom, in truth, and in confidence. Gently intoxicating melancholia resonates in everything that Tidemore, the gentle rebels of passion and desire, offers in their sincere, emotional new album.

Music for the lovesick, for critics of the system, for escapists, for those who long for death and hunger for life!

Svartmangatan 27, Gamla stan
Fredag 6 maj kl. 20.00
Entré: 100 kr

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Musikvalvet Brinken och Baggen


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