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Unboxing part II: 1312 For Life


Unboxing part II: 1312 For Life

Unboxing part II: 1312 For Life Klas Eriksson på

Klas Eriksson på The Churchill Arms

Unboxing is an ongoing project by artist Klas Eriksson.
In Unboxing Klas Eriksson creates pirate souvenirs commonly used by ultras and supporters, with the change of addressing the art world.

The scarf is always sold in a limited edition and within a pub. On the 25th of January Klas Eriksson will present a limited edition of 60 newly produced and signed scarfs, the second edition.

The first scarf entitled Support Your Local Artist has been followed up by the new scarf 1312 For Life.

The new scarf will be sold on the 25th of January at Churchill Arms

300 kr, cash only!

Churchill Arms from 17:00-21:00
Location: Tulegatan 21, just further down from the gallery.

A group photo performance directed by the artist will also take place outside Churchill Arms around 21:00.


Afterwards the project Eriksson & Mullan be will presented at Under Bron.www.erikssonmullan.com
Everyone who has the new scarf will enter Under Bron for free before 00.00.

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The Churchill Arms



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Stockholm, Tulegatan 21

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